Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two Galaxy Nexus units and other gadgets you can find inside Steve Wozniak’s backpack

Self-professed gadget addict Steve Wozniak certainly likes to travel with an entourage of devices in his backpack. He recently shared the content of his travel gear with Gizmodo, which provides a rare glimpse to the multitude of gadgets of varying platforms and sizes that Woz apparently carries at all time when he hits the road.
Let’s start with the meat of the finding. In case you’re wondering what this particular Apple co-founder’s choice of Android device is – he actually has a pair of Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphones, both unlocked from AT&T, with one being the spare phone. He also carries with him a Motorola Droid RAZR. That’s as far as the Android love affair goes.
Meanwhile, the usual suspects include 3 iPhones, 2 iPads, 2 iPod Nanos (complete with wristbands), MacBook Pro, an iPad case/keyboard, an AirPort Express, and a MacBook Pro 85W magsafe adapter. Each of the pair of iOS devices includes one device that belongs to his wife Janet — except for the iPhones, where she has two of them.
The list goes on with a bunch of USB peripherals, two Verizon 3G MiFis, Bluetooth mouse, and projector connectors.  Here’s the rest of the electronic device-related stuff:
Multiple Gameboy Lights (a special edition Gameboy sold in Japan)Gameboy link cablesA pair of MutewatchTwo Garmin GPS devicesJawbone Jambox wireless speakerCountless foreign AC adaptersGameboy link cableLaser pointers with varying colorsiPhone lens adapterFlash keys and flash media adaptersCigarette lighter dual USB adapterAudio doubler cableiPad USB/SD Card adaptersAA, AAA, CR2, CR12 batteries
On top of those, the Woz also carries lots of pens, paint pens and pencils for his pencil puzzles. Oh, and a binocular as well. According to him, his backpack usually weighs 50 pounds (roughly 22 Kilograms), yikes! Odd and abnormal as it may seem, he admits it’s actually customary to him to carry all of the above when he’s on the road. We’ve all been guilty of carrying too much electronic devices during a trip, but he certainly takes the cake.
Any item you find interesting from the list? Do you shove in as many gadgets as possible to your backpack when traveling?

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