Friday, July 20, 2012

Bloomberg reports – Apple planning to release a smaller iPad soon

With all the rumors about Apple’s next plan for the iPad, one that is so hot right now is that Apple might soon be introducing the iPad mini or at least a new iPad with smaller screen size than the current 9.7-inch models. Interestingly, a new report was published by reputable news agency, Bloomberg saying that Apple is indeed planning to release a new iPad with a screen size somewhere between 7-8 inches diagonally. This report has to come right weeks after Google announced its own tablet – the Nexus 7.
Sounds interesting? Indeed, because the report came from Bloomberg. According to Bloomberg, Apple may announce the product in October. Another interesting information furnished through the report is the fact that the said iPad Mini will not have the same high-definition screen as the current iPad. If this is indeed true, then obviously Apple is gunning for the Google Nexus 7.

Actually, Apple is hitting two birds with one stone or should we one new iPad here. The iPad Mini may go up not only against Google’s Nexus 7 tablet but also against Microsoft’s Surface tablet announced also recently. Of course there’s also the Amazon Kindle Fire which like the Nexus 7 tablet is also sporting a 7-inch display. Amazon is even reported to be preparing to launch the Kindle Fire 2 very soon.
Now, here’s the thing. If Apple pushes through with the iPad Mini, it will certainly give all the other tablets coming out soon a stiff competitor. Apple after all currently holds the majority of the tablet market, thanks to its iPad product line. Apple has dominated the tablet market since the first iPad was launched.
So, it looks like the battle plan of the participants in the next wave of the tablet wars is to make the smallest, most portable and highly functional mini tablet. Which side are going to be on?
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