Thursday, July 19, 2012

Samsung SPH-L300 For Sprint LTE Hits FCC; When Will It Launch?

We first heard of the Samsung SPH-L300 back in early May, when a User Agent Profile for the smartphone revealed quite a few of its specs. It wasn’t very long after that when we got our first look at the handset in the flesh, but news of the model has been very quiet ever since. Today the handset returns to our attention as the FCC has published the phone’s certification paperwork, clearing the way for its release.

From what we were able to glean from that UAP, the SPH-L300 sounds like a mid-range device with some decent hardware at its core. Components like a WVGA display keep this Android from measuring-up to top-tier handsets like the GS3, but the SPH-L300 should have a very capable dual-core Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 SoC powering it. Couple that with a gigabyte of RAM, and we’re looking at something that falls somewhere between the HTC One S and One V in terms of power.

Some other specs we’re aware of, like only 4GB of on-board storage, further reinforce the point that this will likely be a budget-priced model. Frankly, we can stand some more capable models like this filling-out that sector of the market, so we’re quite curious to learn more about the SPH-L300 and when Sprint might be thinking of launching the model.

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