Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reports Of The 64GB Galaxy S III’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Last night, we heard a rumor that, following the release of 16GB and 32GB Galaxy S III models, Samsung was shelving plans for the phone’s 64GB option. Since that story came out, the manufacturer has had time to respond to the claims, and says that things are still very much a “go” for the 64GB GS3.

According to Samsung, “the 64GB model of the GALAXY S III will be available during the second half of this year.” Unfortunately, it’s not willing to go into any greater detail than that at the moment, so we still don’t know if we’re talking about early fall or sometime closer to the holiday season.
Even with that uncertainty still in play, this is great news for users who aren’t sold on cloud storage just yet, and want to carry around some massive media libraries with them; don’t forget, the GS3 supports microSD expansion, and 64GB SDXC cards are now a reality, opening the door for an aggregate 128GB of local storage capacity.

What about the rumor, though? Ultimately, it looks like this one fell apart when retail workers supplied some bad info concerning canceled pre-orders; really, we shouldn’t be too surprised.
Now that the 64GB GS3 has been reaffirmed, is anyone holding-off on buying a GS3 until this model becomes available?

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