Friday, July 20, 2012

Production of iPad Mini to start in September in Brazil

Here we have the latest rumors about Apple’s next exciting product, the iPad Mini. Citing reliable sources from China, Japanese site Makotakara is reporting that the iPad mini will be manufactured in Brazil, and that its production is scheduled for ramping up starting in September. Additionally, production test of this new iPad was said to have been done already in China.
Pretty exciting, right? But the most important information leaked out by the mentioned site is the fact that the iPad Mini is said to be shipping out until the Holiday season. So, if there was any truth to this rumors, then there’s no harm in saving up for the iPad Mini. You still have a few more months to do so.

And to add some more excitement to your anticipation, let us just add another exciting information about the iPad Mini, according to rumors, the smaller version of the iPad will have a 3G capability. The report also added that the source of the rumors has seen the prototype of this iPad mini. It will be thinner than the its rival, the Kindle Fire. In fact, the iPad Mini is going to be thinner than the latest model of the iPod Touch.
It seems like the Bloomberg’s report saying that Apple is going to launch the new smaller iPad Mini in October. This means that Apple’s manufacturers will have to ramp up their production of the iPad Mini as quickly as possible.
All that said, are you planning to get a smaller version of the iPad if it becomes available sometime in October?

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