Friday, July 20, 2012

Apple predicted to release a 7.85-inch iPad come October

If there’s one effect of Google’s recent introduction of the Nexus 7 tablet it has to be the many speculations on whether Apple will follow suit and release a mini-version of the iPad. In fact, an analyst from Pacific Crest, Andy Hargreaves has predicted that Apple will introduce a new iPad in October. Mr. Hargreaves seem so sure that he even predicted the exact measurement of this new iPad – it’s going to be 7.85-inches.
Additionally, Mr. Hargreaves also predicted that the said 7.85-inch iPad will have 8GB of NAND capacity and will be priced around $299. Still a few hundreds more expensive than Google Nexus 7. He goes on to say that he estimates Apple to sell 10 million units of the 7.85-inch iPad by the end of 2012 and 35.2 million units in 2013.

As to their basis for the prediction, the analyst said that it was based on their estimated component order volume of Apple and that this estimate is well within Apple’s production capacity. The group’s prediction has increased from their previous estimate of 65.2 million unit to be sold by Apple in FQ2013. This is attributed to the cannibalization of the bigger iPad. Meaning that for every iPad 7.85 produced, one of the bigger iPad is reduced. Hence, the reason for their estimated sales figures.
Finally, Hargreaves also suggested that Apple might also stop producing the iPad 2 with a $399 price to give way for a new iPad Mini with 16GB capacity to be sold at the same price. Additionally, he also predicted that Apple will release a new iPad with lighter battery and oxide TFT screen.

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