Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nexus 7 Cases or Sleeves; Kroo Neoprene Sleeve Review

Now that you spent $200 or more on the latest and greatest tech gadget, the Nexus 7, you’ll want to protect your investment. Sure, you can always say you’re going to be extremely careful, but accidents do happen. With the versatility and portability of this tablet, you’re going to be using it more often and taking it places you previously hadn’t even thought of yet.
So do you go with a case or do you go with a sleeve? This is all about personal preference. If you’re on the fence, here’s how I made my decision. Manufacturers strive to make tablets as thin as possible. The Nexus 7 is pretty thin coming in at 10.45mm. The official Nexus 7 case is very nice, adding a mere 15mm to the overall depth and adding 4.7oz to the overall weight. Many, many non OEM cases are much heavier and thicker than that.
I looked at tablet use scenarios. I planned on using my Nexus 7 mainly at home, while relaxing, at work for meetings and relaxing during my lunch break. No matter where I’m using it, I still wouldn’t use it in non relaxed settings. The vast majority of times I’ll be using it, I’ll be sitting down. The Nexus 7 is also very light. I personally won’t have any use for a case with a stand as I’ll always be holding it in my hand.
Since I’m not concerned about dropping my Nexus 7, I decided to look into sleeves. I plan on taking this tablet nearly everywhere I go that would allow me to sit down and use it for more than just a few minutes. For example, I’ll be taking it to work every day in my messenger bag. Maybe it will go in a backpack or small luggage bag while traveling or maybe I’ll put the tablet in my pocket while walking from point A to point B. I wanted added protection while transporting my tablet, no additional bulk and I wanted something cheap.
I found exactly what I was looking for over at Amazon.com, the Kroo Neoprene Sleeve. Kroo’s sleeve is designed with high quality products in mind and made with the finest neoprene design. It’s slim and lightweight with no extra bulk.. The Nexus 7 slides in and out with just the right amount of snugness. I can even put a USB cable in the front pouch. While in the sleeve, the tablet remains extremely portable, fitting into my pocket just as it previously did. All that for just $9.99? Sold!
Have you found a different perfect fit for your Nexus 7? Did you go with a case or did you go with a sleeve? Let me know, I’d love to help others find their perfect match!

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