Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Logic Labyrinth: Android game app for strategic thinking and logic

Puzzle games and brain teasers are a great way to spend your breaks between classes or at work. Some people play solitaire on their computers or with real cards, others try to make as many words as they can with word boardgames.
Logic Labyrinth, developed by eetayo, looks deceptively easy. The goal of the game is to get one of the two balls you’re provided into the hole in the labyrinth.
The balls you’re given each stage are random but I highly enjoyed the balls’ 3D look against the level’s wooden background. On the HTC Sensation that I played this on, the balls in the first world have a beautiful marble texture.
To navigate the balls around the labyrinth, you’ll need to make use of the directional arrows located on the labyrinth. The balls move together, so when you tap up, both balls will move up. Tap right and to the right both these balls will go.
What makes this game challenging is that you can’t really control where the balls go. Whenever you tap on a direction, the balls will keep moving in that direction but won’t stop until they hit an obstacle, such as the wall or each other. This also means that if the hole is located near a wall but not actually next to it, the balls will roll over the hole.

When you first launch Logic Labyrinth, you’ll see a window with a number 1. This is the first world you’ll be visiting, consisting of 20 levels. There are five levels all in all, with 20 levels each, making a grand total of 100 levels to keep your mind working.
The first level looks simple enough and you only need to move your ball to the right of the screen. When you get to the second level, however, you’ll see obstacles. Rather than seeing them as hindrances, you can use these obstacles to your advantage. Remember that balls won’t stop moving until they hit something? Use the second ball you have and the obstacles to get a ball into the hole within as few moves as possible.

At the top of the screen, you’ll see the buttons for Pause, Restart, and Exit. You can also see the Movements counter. Below it is Record and a specified number. Your goal is to get the ball into the hole in the same number of moves specified. If you get the ball into the hole in the specified number of moves, you get three stars. If you go over the number of moves, you get two stars. The more unnecessary moves you make, the fewer stars you get until you get no stars at all.

Logic Labyrinth has sound effects, such as when the balls move across the labyrinth, when a ball falls into the hole, and when you open the window for a level, but the levels do not have any background music. Some players may find this disappointing but personally, I was thankful. You can focus on accomplishing the level without having to turn the sounds off.
You can listen to the sounds that matter without being bugged by background music. Accessing the menu on the main screen lets you toggle the sound and music, so if you want to play Logic Labyrinth and you don’t have headphones with you, you can just switch the sound and music off.

While doing this Android app review, I initially had some trouble installing Logic Labyrinth on our stock Galaxy S2 and rooted HTC Sensation. The game went smoothly until I played the first level. Once the ball fell into the hole, the game stopped responding and force closed. It did, however, work on a Galaxy Note, a Galaxy Y, and a stock HTC Sensation. We’re not sure what this could mean, but it may have been a snag on our end.

Logic Labyrinth is a straightforward game that will definitely challenge you. You’ll spend levels figuring out how to get the ball into the hole and once you succeed, you’ll want to play the level again and get the ball in using fewer moves. The levels are short enough that you can play a few during your breaks to stimulate your brain.
You can download Logic Labyrinth Lite for free from the Google Play Store but it only gives you access to two of the five 20-level worlds available. You can also purchase the Logic Labyrinth pro version if you want to play all 100 levels.

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