Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nokia Drive 3.0 Now Available

Nokia’s free GPS Navigation software available for Nokia Lumia devices tonight has seen its 3.0 update which brings some great new features.  The feature I’ve been waiting for is the ability to pin destinations to your start screen.  It’s a bit difficult to find, but if you go to the Set Destinations window and then tap and hold on a location in the History or Favorites listing you’ll find the “Pin to Start” option. That will give you one-touch access to launching Nokia Drive and setting that location as your destination.
The other feature I was primarily hoping for is unfortunately not there.  If you find a location using Bing or Bing Maps or Location Scout, normally there will be an “Apps” section where you can share the content with other apps.  This is the perfect place for a Navigation program to show some integration with the operating system, however Nokia Drive does not show here (however, Nokia Transit does if you’d like to use public transportation to get there instead of driving.)
The big new feature in Nokia Drive 3.0 that many are sure to love is the “My Commute” feature.  This allows you to set up a Home and Work location along with the times that you tend to leave each location each day.  Then the software keeps track of the route around the time that you’re planning on leaving and updates the commute timing based on the current traffic… and of course displays the pertinent information on the Nokia Drive live tile if you happen to have it pinned to your start screen.
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