Sunday, July 22, 2012

Samsung SCH-I415 Passes Through The FCC On Its Way To Verizon, But Just What Is It?

In recent days, we’ve seen evidence of some new mid-range Samsungs preparing to launch on Verizon and Sprint, the SCH-I200 “Jasper” and the SPH-L300. Could Samsung be planning even more such models? Another Samsung handset just saw its FCC certification paperwork published, and it’s one we’ve yet to hear about before.
The Samsung SCH-I415 appears to be getting ready for service on Verizon’s network. Documentation’s in place for the phone’s support of Verizon’s voice and EV-DO bands, as well as its LTE band 13. There also appears to be limited global roaming support, covering voice and EDGE data on the 850MHz and 1900MHz bands, but no 3G roaming. Like other Samsung models, the I415 will support NFC through an NFC-enabled battery.
Now aware of this model number, we found the phone’s Bluetooth paperwork on the Bluetooth SIG site, but we’re still left with plenty of questions. Presumably, we’re looking at an Android model, but we haven’t seen any confirmation of that. For now, all we’ve really got to go on is the frequency support revealed in the FCC paperwork. A User Agent Profile would go a long way towards clearing-up some uncertainty surrounding this handset, but we’ve yet to uncover one.

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