Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CM10 has a Jelly Bean Easter Egg

We reported on the Jelly Bean “Easter egg” that comes standard with the latest version of Android a while back. You tap 5 times on the Android version number displayed under about phone or about tablet and you’ll be greeted with a large Jelly Bean. If you then press and hold on said Jelly Bean for a second or two, Jelly Beans fill the screen and you can playfully flick them away.

Not to miss out on the fun, it seems our favorite Android modding team, CyanogenMod, has joined in on the Easter egg game with CM10. In a similar fashion to the stock Android Easter egg, you tap on the CyanogenMod version and you’re greeted with Cid’s head. If you then press and hold down on Cid’s head, instead of Jelly Beans, you’re greeted Cid’s head and his various facial expressions, floating around the screen. Feel free to flick them away as needed.

Source: View the original article here


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